Working at Valley Geotechnical

Raul Valverde is a Geotechnical Engineer at Valley Geo as well as a Principal in the company. He has been at Valley Geo since March 2010. As a principal, Raul organizes the employees at the office making sure that the projects are being completed and looked after. He does business development as well as corporate and project management. As a geotechnical engineer he has done various projects that range from highways, bridges, and multi-story high-rise structures, to commercial and residential developments. His practical experience has been gained from site investigations, construction inspections, shoring system designs and implementation, and site-specific problem solutions encountered during construction.

When asked about Valley Geotechnical as a company;

“We at Valley Geo are conscious of who we are, who we strive to be, and what we want to accomplish. We seek to create an environment where you gain relationships that are friendly and understanding. Valley Geo tries to work beyond the needs and wants of our employees and clients. We want to help them achieve their goals and create something they can be proud of”.

Education & Experience

Raul completed his Engineering Diploma in 2008 at BCIT and finished his Bachelors in 2013. During his schooling Raul took extra business classes and went to management seminars. He received his documentation for a Registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) in 2016. Before continuing his education after high school, Raul worked within the Construction Industry. This experience provides him with the knowledge and understanding of the construction workers perspective and frame of mind. This allows for an easier communication when working with each other in various projects. Prior to Valley Geo, Raul worked as field engineer on the Sea-to-Sky Highway and Port Mann Bridge with Western Canada- Peter Kiewit.

Advice that Raul would give to those going into the Engineering field;

 “Engineering requires discerning future problems and their solutions, determining how certain aspects behave now and over time, it requires imagination and a willingness to try new things in order to improve. It is a constantly evolving field. You are continually learning new things, it keeps you on your toes”.

Outside of Work

Raul is an active member in his community as a soccer coach for the Langley United Youth Soccer Association. He mentors and coach’s young athletes to develop problem solving and team work skills though the means of sports. Raul loves to play and watch sports with his favourites being soccer and volleyball. Raul is also a family man and likes to go on hikes, camping, and playing with his daughters.

Current Favourite Movies/Shows:

  • Shawshank Redemption
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Current Favourite Food:

  • Peruvian Food