The purpose of a hazard assessment and report is to assess the nature, extent, probability, and potential effect of seven identified hazards and, if necessary, provide mitigative measures.  The seven hazards reviewed are:

  1. Inundation by Flood Waters
  2. Mountain Stream Erosion and Avulsion
  3. Debris Flows and Torrents
  4. Debris Floods
  5. Landslides
  6. Snow Avalanches
  7. Rock Falls

Valley Geo will complete the hazard report and the documentation of the possible mitigative measures. Once completed, the report is registered on title as a Section 219 Covenant. This Covenant ties the report to the property so that all future parties are aware of the hazards.

Valley Geo has completed a multitude of hazard assessments, ranging from having only one, to several of the above-mentioned hazards. All assessments vary in its requirements, but they typically involve a desktop review of all relevant documents, a soil investigation with a review of the neighbouring area, a slope stability analysis, and the final report.