Stormwater Management is a comprehensive approach used in order to control the surface runoff from rainfall and snow melt events. It also includes management of the quantity and quality of the water discharged into the city’s infrastructure and the environment.

Development of a site often results in an increase in the amount of hardscape or impermeable surfaces. The additional volumes of water resulting from these surfaces require supplementary management. This development densification is creating strains on the environment. Municipalities do not often have the ability to continuously upgrade their systems to account for the increased flow. Consequently this leaves developers to deal with the additional stormwater on-site.

At ValleyGeo, our team works with the municipalities’ integrated stormwater management plan to create a feasible and cost effective solution to discharge the collected stormwater safely. Each management plan is unique as it is dependent on the lot grading and the soil conditions found at each individual site. Though each design plan is different they typically involve installation of an infiltration system or detention system with controlled release.