Start Date: 2012
Completion Date: On-going

Valley Geo has been involved with Seasons at Cedar Sky since 2012 and we are currently working with the developer to start construction of Phase 2 and Phase 3. Once all three phases have been completed the site will provide approximately 130 new homes for families within the Chilliwack area.

Prior to our involvement the site was used primarily as farm land and has dramatically altered as the Fraser River has deposited sediments and added new flow channels. This site has been difficult as several large ravines existed through the building areas which were filled during rock blasting/ hammering operations. As a majority of the site is resting on bedrock or very close to rock faces heavy rock anchors and pinning has occurred throughout the development.

For more information on this development, please feel free to call or visit the site located at 43685 Chilliwack Mountain Rd, Chilliwack.