Working at Valley Geotechnical

Malcon Maposa is one of our Junior Civil Technologists, he has been with ValleyGeo since May of 2018. Malcon’s job mostly consists of field work such as site inspections, construction reviews, project coordination with clients, as well as lab and office work. One of Malcon’s current projects out in Maple Ridge requires him to supervise the construction, complete soil compactions, lab work, and so much more. He has been enjoying working on projects, doing lab work, and learning from the engineers at Valley Geo.

When asked about working at Valley Geotechnical;

“Valley Geo is a great team to grow with. They induce positive changes in you. Working here has been full of new learning experiences which have resulted in tremendous outcomes in myself and in my work”.

Education & Experience

Malcon has grown up with the Engineering Industry. His grandfather and uncle were Civil Engineers back in Zimbabwe. He not only found his passion for engineering through his family but also by acknowledging his enjoyment of fixing problems. Malcon completed his 3-year Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. He worked at Englobe where he was a field technician working on site doing various testing on soil, asphalt, and concrete. From working at Englobe, Malcon found his interest in Geotechnical Engineering which lead him to apply at Valley Geotechnical.

The advice that he would give to those looking into pursuing an Engineering field;

“Dream, imagine, and go for it! If you have good ambition, design skills, and are a creative person, I would definitely recommend looking into Civil Engineering”.

Outside of Work

Malcon was excited to come to British Columbia from Ontario not only to work for Valley Geotechnical but also to enjoy the breath-taking landscape where he likes to hike and play golf. Other past-times of Malcon’s is to workout and not only admire cars but work on them.

Current Favourite Movies/Books:

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Avengers
  • X-men & Wolverine

Current Favourite Food:

  • Sushi