Working at Valley Geotechnical

Brad VanDelft is one of the senior principals and engineering licensee at Valley Geo. Brad is a registered with EGBC as an Engineering Licensee (Eng L.) and also as a technologist with the Applied Science Technologist and Technicians of BC (AScT). As a Geotechnical Engineering Licensee, Brad works on designs and reports on a variety of projects such as single-family homes, storm water management, septic systems, and foundation bearing. As a Principal he also finds, coordinates, leads, and liaisons for many projects.

When asked about working at Valley Geotechnical;

“I am very proud to be part of, as well as lead, a team of great people who strives to provide high-class service that our clients have come to expect”. 

Education & Experience

Brad graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a Civil and Structural Engineering Diploma in 2006. Prior to attending BCIT, he was employed in the construction industry, which has given him a solid industry grasp. During his schooling he continued in the construction industry part time. Through his work he met Narayan Abhyankar, the founder of Valley Geotechnical, who offered him a summer job. After he graduated he applied to Valley Geo and has been working here ever since. Brad worked his way up through to a Senior Technologist, and now to his current position as a Principal Geotechnical Engineering Licensee. During his employment with Valley Geo, he has gained significant experience and knowledge through his work and learning from those around him.

The advice that Brad would give to those getting into the industry;

“Know what you want, develop a plan to get it, and take the necessary steps to get there”.

Outside of Work

Working at Valley Geo has provided an excellent work-life balance for Brad. He has a young growing family and is grateful for the opportunities that Valley Geo has provided for family life. Brad enjoys spending time in the outdoors with family and friends. He has been quoted a number of times saying, “I would much rather be at the top of a mountain looking into the valley, than in the valley looking up at the mountains”.

Current Favourite Movie/Book Genres:

  • Historical Dramas
  • Outdoor Documentary Shows

Current Favourite Food:

  • Cheesy Pizza
  • Sushi Platter